After laying the foundations upon which the restoration of government and administration could proceed during the first year in office, the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) launched Vision 2016 by engaging and consulting with approximately 300 Somalis from across the regions and the diaspora that came together during a five-day conference held in Mogadishu in September, 2013.

Vision 2016 was presented and discussed as an action framework that highlights the strategic priorities, as outlined by the Provisional Constitution, that must be effectively addressed in order to achieve a successful transition to democracy by the completion of its term of office in 2016.

These three strategic priorities clearly prescribed by the Provisional Constitution and entrusted to the leadership of the Executive and Parliament for their effective implementation are:

  1. Constitutional review and implementation
  2. Completion of the federal system
  3. Democratization

Based on the discussions during the September 2013 conference, the following core principles were affirmed as essential for ensuring the effective and efficient implementation of these priorities:

  • All aspects of the process shall be Somali-owned, inclusive, transparent and consistent with the Provisional Constitution;
  • The Government shall promote and protect the independence, integrity, and credibility of the constitutionally mandated Commissions;
  • The implementation of Vision 2016 shall be situated in the context of a comprehensive reconciliation process that promotes national cohesion and integration;
  • Management of the process shall be anchored in the principles and practices of integrity and good governance.


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